Crime Prevention at Convenience Stores - VICTORY - crime drops 65% in first year.

Posted on 02/07/2011

2/5/11 Police Chief Harman reported to city council that convenience store robberies dropped a stunned 65% during the first year after Councilmember Nurse's proposal was adopted. Seldom does any anti-crime tactic generate this kind of improvement.

3/5/09 - City Council passed the ordinance to require crime preventation efforts
at the convenience stores. It passed on a 7-1 vote. We will be a little
safer as a result.

2/20/09 - City Council approved the "1st reading" of the safety ordinances on
Thursday. The Chief of Police approved funds for the stores to add safety locks for evening use to further improve the safety of customers and employees at these stores. The final passage will be on March 5th.

2/18/09 UPDATE
The two ordinances to protect convenince stores will come before City Council
for "first" reading on 2/19/09. They should be passed on March 5th. Our
community will be a little safer as a result.

City Council agreed with my proposal to consider a local ordinance to require convenience stores to remove sufficient advertising from their windows to help
people see into the stores in case of robberies. We have had a rash of convenience store robberies and shootings recently. State law rquires this for some convenience stores. However, the law is adminsistered by the Attorney General's office and he has no staffers in Pinellas County. Studies are very clear, if convenience stores will adopt a series of simple anti-crime
efforts, their chances of being robbed will drop by about 40%.

Workshop is scheduled for Feb. 12th at 2:00PM at City Hall.

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